7 December 2021
Wymondham Station Access – Update

With a proper plan for Wymondham Station, this wonderfully historic site could be transformed into a stunning gateway for tourists and residents, as well as for companies and investors on their way to the nearby Research Park, but who don’t want to travel all the way to Norwich Station and then fight their way through the city’s terrible traffic.

Proper access for ALL to both platforms of Wymondham Station MUST be an early step in that process however and that’s why, back in 2018, I helped re-energise the campaign to finally address the access issues around Platform 2. It is simply unacceptable that, after so many years, platform 2 remains inaccessible for many – particularly the disabled and those in wheelchairs, but also those pushing wheelchairs or even just trying to take a bike.

The announcement last year that finally, as part of the successful Greater Norwich bid to the Government’s Transforming Cities Fund, £600,000 had been committed to making Platform 2 step-free was an incredibly positive one. However, I am acutely aware that, just over a year on, many remain anxious for some news about how things are coming along – understandably frustrated that progress continues to be slow.

That’s why I have recently spoken to Greater Anglia, who are responsible for Wymondham Station itself, who have reaffirmed their recognition that step-free access to Platform 2 is an urgent priority. Currently, they are in the process of completing the necessary delivery studies that will inform the planning application that will then follow. I’m told the delivery studies will be completed in the spring.

I remain committed to seeing this one get over the line – and as rapidly as possible. As soon as I have further news, I will of course post updates here.

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