Published Expenses

As a newly elected MP in May 2010, I was not in Parliament when the expenses scandal hit and I watched it with the same shock and horror as others.

Something had clearly gone deeply wrong with the whole system.

As someone going into politics after a career in business, I did not go into politics for the remuneration - for me politics is about the chance to try and make a difference and put something back into a country that has given me so much.

My whole political mission has been about trying to rebuild trust in politics (with my campaigns Mind the Gap. Positive Politics! It Starts Here). I believe people in positions of responsibility have a duty to try and set an example and that transparency is the key to building trust, especially when it has been broken in the past.

All my expenses are readily accessible online, so that my constituents can see exactly what I have claimed for. If you have any queries or are concerned about something - please contact me and ask me.

Yours, George

(To view George’s parliamentary expenses please click the following link to visit The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority page)