Access to Cash and Local Banks

Proper access to cash and local banking services remains vital for many living in Mid Norfolk – especially the small businesses that drive our local economy and those who depend on the support of branch staff (such as the elderly and the most vulnerable).

Having grown up and lived in East Anglia for most of my life and been the local MP for our largely rural constituency for over thirteen years, I am acutely aware of the additional challenges rural areas face – and the greater importance of bank branches and ATMS in our rural communities.

That’s why I, working alongside local councillors, council officers and the likes of Cash Access UK and LINK, do all I can to speak up on behalf of my Mid Norfolk constituents and businesses on these key issues – lobbying for the additional support and provision our area needs.

Together we have already secured a new Community Banking Hub for Watton (see here) but there is much more still to do – which is why I continue to do all I can locally to shine a light on this issue, and why I am supporting Nationwide’s Bill in the House which aims to allow providers, such as themselves, to deliver many more financial and banking services through their local branches. This would be a gamechanger. Nationwide are currently the only provider committed to keeping their local branches open and so the passing of this Bill would be a big boost for the likes of Attleborough and Dereham – protecting and enhancing the services many in the area can access (especially the vulnerable, elderly and small businesses).

To learn more about my ongoing campaign, please see the webstories below.

Access to Cash and Local Banks - Latest News