Flooding and the Mid Norfolk Flood Partnership

Flooding has long been a concern for many in our part of Norfolk – and the heavy rainfall of December 23rd-24th 2020, and again in the early part of 2021, resulted in a record number of call outs for Anglian Water, the Environment Agency and Norfolk County Council alike, exacerbating these long held frustrations and fears.

Many saw their gardens and homes flooded with surface rain water and, sometimes, raw sewage. Many more reported being unable to use toilets and showers as drainage systems and nearby pumping stations were overwhelmed. Sadly, in most cases, it was the second/third/fourth time this had happened in the previous year (following similar flooding in previous years) and, quite understandably, people are at the end of their tether – feeling hopeless, and angry and distrustful of the local agencies that take their money, but provide a service well below the standard promised and which would be reasonably considered acceptable.

That’s why I decided to band together with local councillors in some of the most affected communities, and bring together community groups and officials of NCC, Anglian Water and the Environment to form a Mid Norfolk Flood Partnership – an open forum in which specific flooding issues, historic wider issues and how the system for responding to and mitigating flooding events needs improving.

The MNFP pulled together a 14 point letter that was among the very first submissions to Lord Dannatt and the Norfolk Strategic Flooding Alliance that he now chairs – and since then, we continue to lobby hard for assistance and reform.

We were delighted when the NSFA’s first recommendations included most of the 14 points that we had ourselves suggested in our letter to Lord Dannatt. The NSFA’s news that they would tackle ‘tranches’ of the worst affected communities was also greatly welcomed – with the first tranche set to include 16 towns and villages hit especially hard earlier this year (of which 6 are located in Mid Norfolk). This comes as a tremendous relief – and Lord Dannatt’s assurances that second, third, fourth… tranches will follow is positive news indeed.

This page is dedicated to this campaign, and you will find each update I provide on this issue.

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