NHS Dentists

When we think of our health, too often, as a society, we neglect to consider the importance of our teeth. Dental health is a crucial part of NHS services however and it is vital that EVERYONE can access the support they need.

In recent months, I’ve received dozens of emails and letters from constituents unable to register with an NHS practice. Many more have been unable to book an appointment with the dentists they are already registered with, while some have struggled to get the urgent care they desperately needed when they’ve had a problem too.

That’s why I have been paying so much attention to the very serious challenges currently facing the sector. Although this is clearly a national issue, there is most certainly a significant problem locally here in Norfolk and so, in addition to raising the specific cases of affected individuals with the local NHS, I have been in regular conversations with local dental surgeries to hear of their experiences on the front line. 

To stay up to date with my ongoing efforts on this issue, please do follow my regular updates on this page.

Dental Services