SEND support in our local schools

How we take care of, and educate, some of our most vulnerable people is a measure of us as a society. EVERYONE has the right to a good education. 

That’s why, throughout my time as the MP for Mid Norfolk, I have paid particularly attention to SEND provision in our part of the world – both in mainstream education as well as in more specialised schools like Chapel Green School at Old Buckenham and Fred Nicholson School in Dereham.

Over the years I have actively lobbied Government for greater support and funding for SEND services, particularly for rural schools like many of our own, and given my backing to vitally important local schemes like the relocation of Chapel Road School in Attleborough to the new state-of-the-art Chapel Green School in Old Buckenham.

I am currently a vocal supporter of Fred Nicholson School too, as they look for a long term solution to the rapidly declining facilities where they are based now – hoping to help relocate them to their own state-of-the-art site either at the same location or elsewhere in the Dereham vicinity.

To stay up to date with all of work in this area, please do check regularly back here to see the webstories below.

SEND Support in our Local Schools - Latest News