30 June 2023
Watton Sports Centre – Astropitch Update

Anyone familiar with Mid Norfolk knows that our area is home to a much loved sense of spirit and community that binds us all together. A big part of that local spirit is our many wonderful community groups and sports clubs – all doing incredible work in our local towns and villages.

That’s why, throughout my time as the local MP, I have done my utmost to support them and why I continue to support the campaign to replace Watton Sports Centre’s rapidly deteriorating astropitch – a much loved and valued local asset that the likes of Watton Hockey Club call home.

Having previously taken my own two children to play hockey on the astropitch when they were teenagers, I was shocked to see the state of it when invited by Watton Hockey Club to visit the astropitch back in 2021 (see here). There was absolutely no doubt that, unless funds could be raised to replace the pitch in the next few years, it would soon be completely unusable.

I therefore committed to offering would support I could to the Sports Centre, Hockey Club and others as they got to fundraising – and am delighted now to be supporting a bid by the Sports Association for a grant from the Communities Fund, having now submitted a letter of support to the Sports Centre Manager.

I remain determined to do what I can to support Watton Sports Centre and the various clubs that rely on the astropitch. It isn’t just an asset to the town, it is an asset for those living across Breckland and Mid Norfolk.

Local assets like these are crucial to our local communities, and I am committed to ensuring they are retained and maintained so that they can be enjoyed by many generations to come.

To see more about my work supporting local community groups and sports clubs, please visit my website campaign page here.

George Freeman visits Watton Hockey Club