30 November 2021
Transport East

For decades, successive governments have underfunded our transport network here in the East – which is why one of my central missions as an MP has been the improvement of our transport infrastructure in this region, and why I so greatly welcome the Prime Minister and Government’s commitment to “levelling-up” the places that have for too long been “left-behind”.

That’s why, as part of my ongoing work in this field, I was delighted to be represented on the Transport East briefing today – at which they began to outline their Draft Strategy ahead of the public consultation that begins at the end of this week.

Running from Thursday 2nd December – Sunday 30th January, the consultation gives members of the public the opportunity to have their say on the proposals: which range from how our region achieves transport Net Zero to what our priorities should be for improving our networks. These views will directly inform the final document that is then presented to Government.

To learn more and to keep informed about the upcoming consultation, please visit the Transport East website here

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Transport East