20 May 2021
Transport East

For decades, successive governments have underfunded our transport network here in the East – which is why one of my central missions as an MP has been the improvement of our transport infrastructure in this region, and why I so greatly welcome the Prime Minister and Government’s commitment to “levelling-up” the places that have for too long been “left-behind”.

Much good work has been done over the years (including the commitment of £300 million for the first stage of A47 dualling and the dualling of the A11) and I am tremendously proud to have played my part. There is still a long way to go however, if we are to create the transport network that Norfolk, and the East, need in order to unlock their true economic potential.

That’s why I was delighted to join today’s Transport East meeting – with parliamentary colleagues and local council representatives from across Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex.

There is a clear shared vision for our region – one that will bring growth and prosperity, and connect our people in a way that allows them to fully embrace the ‘Green Revolution’ and the exciting jobs of tomorrow.

By speaking with one united voice, we can work together to make sure our region gets the transport improvement it desperately needs and deserves.

Transport East Meeting