15 January 2024
Supporting Market Town Success – Future Breckland Board

All of our market towns face the familiar challenge of balancing new growth and development with the needs of the communities living in, and around, them – all the while preserving the unique rural heritage and way of life that we all cherish, and that makes our part of the world such an attractive place to visit.

That’s why, alongside my support for Breckland Council’s ‘Future Breckland Plan’ initiative (see more here and here), I was pleased to be involved in the latest ‘Future Breckland Board’ meeting today – hearing more from NCC about how the County Deal could see additional funding and support available to compliment the Future Breckland initiative, as well as similar initiatives being run by other district councils across the county.

I am delighted to continue playing my part in the conversation and look forward to supporting Breckland as they look to maximise the potential benefits these opportunities could provide. I also remain committed to driving forward my other campaigns and projects in each of our Breckland Market Towns – some of which includes:

  • ‘A Dereham Plan for Dereham People’ – Helping local stakeholders to develop a locally led Partnership that can support Breckland Council’s ‘Future Breckland Plan’ work for the town and help deliver its recommendations, while also pushing for other town improvements – particularly around the town centre (see more here)
  • Watton Community Banking Hub – Building on the fantastic progress to date (with a temporary hub now open) to get the Community Banking Hub into its permanent home on the Watton High Street (see more here)
  • Supporting Nationwide’s Banking Bill – Working with Nationwide and fellow rural MPs to support a Bill in the House that will enable providers, such as Nationwide, to provide more High Street services. With Nationwide the only provider currently committed to keeping local branches open, this Bill would be a gamechanger for those that rely on local banking services – especially the vulnerable, elderly and small businesses – and for Dereham and Attleborough High Streets (see more here)
  • Watton Digital and Creative Media Centre – Supporting the Wayland Chamber and Breckland Council as they work hard to develop a fantastic facility right on the Watton High Street that can boost local skills, provide recreation and give local businesses additional support
  • ATTCARE – Working with the ATTCARE team of volunteers to hold key stakeholders to account and ensure that, within the overall Town Plan, there is a proper plan to ensure the town has the health and social care provision it needs NOW, and as further development comes in the years to come (see here)
  • Attleborough High Street Post Office – Working with local councillors to push Post Office Ltd again to look for a suitable new location for a High Street Post Office branch in the town
  • Fair Funding Relief for Rural Areas – Launching a campaign to push the Chancellor and Treasury to go further to help hard-hit local businesses and self-employed who are the backbone of the long term prosperity of our High Streets and rural communities (see here)

…and more!

I look forward to continuing this vital work with local councillors, businesses, community groups and many others as we all look to ensure Breckland remains a thriving and vibrant place to live and work in, as well as visit.

To stay up to date on all of this work, please do regularly check my website for further updates.