24 May 2021
Future Breckland Plans

All of our market towns face the familiar challenge of balancing new growth and development with the needs of the communities living in, and around, them – all the while preserving the unique rural heritage and way of life that we all cherish, and that makes our part of the world such an attractive place to visit.

Covid has only heightened that already difficult challenge – and that’s why I welcomed the opportunity to virtually meet with Breckland and the Hatch consultancy team they have employed to help produce their “Future Breckland” Plans for each of the district’s market towns.

Having worked closely with the Town Councils of Attleborough, Dereham and Watton over the years, I shared some of my insights on what the process should focus to address – and am pleased that so many local stakeholders are going to be approached and included as the Future Breckland Plans are developed.

I truly believe that, with our region about to become the centre of the UK’s ‘Green Revolution’ – home to thousands of the jobs of tomorrow and improved connectivity, bringing prosperity and a cleaner, greener, healthier way of life for us ALL, we have the opportunity to set out a proper vision of Mid Norfolk – one where we are a thriving hub of vibrant communities.

I look forward to doing all I can to support our local Town Councils as they engage with this process, and to continuing my conversation with Breckland themselves.

George Freeman MP