5 September 2023
Norfolk Offshore Wind Zone Construction – Dereham Drop-in Event

Have an interest in the Vattenfall onshore substation works at Necton, along with works on its associated cable corridor?

Construction works are set to begin on the western-most 20km of Vattenfall’s cable route (between Necton and the River Wensum) this month and so they are holding their next drop-in event in Dereham NEXT Tuesday 12th September between 10am and 5.30pm at the 2nd Scouts Scouthaven (South Green, Dereham, NR19 1PU) – where residents and local businesses can find out more about the works and engage directly with Vattenfall themselves.

Having long supported local Mid Norfolk communities affected and deeply concerned by Vattenfall’s proposals, I continue to follow developments closely, speaking up for local residents and businesses and stressing the importance of proper community engagement.

(See my previous update following Vattenfall’s announcement in July that they were halting progress on their Norfolk Boreas project here)

Having personally “dropped-in” to Vattenfall’s community event in Necton back in July, I would encourage anyone with an interest (questions or concerns) to go to this upcoming event in Dereham and have their say.

Those unable to attend the next event in Dereham can join informal online briefings with Vattenfall instead. (See more information here)

More widely, I continue to emphasise to Vattenfall, alongside Norfolk MP colleagues, the importance of the most affected communities getting significant community benefits now that permissions have been granted for both of their Norfolk Vanguard and Norfolk Boreas projects. I also continue to work hard on the campaign lobbying for a proper offshore solution to connecting this vital national infrastructure to the National Grid.

To see more about all of that wider work, please visit my website campaign page here