21 July 2023
Vattenfall – Norfolk Boreas Update

Having long supported Necton and the surrounding communities on the subject of Vattenfall’s infrastructure proposals in the area, I am very aware that many constituents will have questions about Vattenfall’s announcement yesterday that they are to “halt” progress on their Norfolk Boreas project.

That’s why, yesterday, I sought a briefing from Vattenfall, who confirmed that, while they remain committed to the Norfolk Offshore Wind Zone, they are indeed stopping the current development track for the Norfolk Boreas project due to rapidly rising costs since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine last year. They will continue to evaluate the best way forward for Boreas, as well as its sister project Norfolk Vanguard – also part of the Norfolk Offshore Wind Zone.

In the meantime, work will continue onshore with Vattenfall’s already underway preparatory activity and enabling works for both projects along the cable corridor and around the site of the planned substations in Necton – which is why I still intend to visit their Community Event in the village this afternoon to speak to officials and ensure Mid Norfolk’s voice is being heard.

Rest assured, I will continue to follow the developing situation very closely.

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To see more about my work in relation to the Vattenfall proposals in Necton and Mid Norfolk, as well as my work on the wider campaign lobbying for a proper offshore solution to connecting this vital national infrastructure to the National Grid, please visit my website campaign page here.