26 February 2024
Necton Junction Safety Improvements – Update

The A47 Necton/Dunham junction has long been a source of major concern for those that have cause to use it.

That’s why I was delighted when National Highways finally began vital safety improvements in the autumn and gave us their commitment to reduce the speed limit through the junction from 50mph-40mph – having listened to the concerns of local councillors, the community and myself.

I am pleased to report that the new 40mph is now in operation – with new, updated signs and road markings.

Brilliant news.

This is a big step – but more can and must be done to improve safety at this location and all along the A47.

I will continue to use opportunities like my meeting with National Highways last week (see more here) to lobby hard and speak up on behalf of my Mid Norfolk communities.

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UPDATE - 11 October 2023

Further to my webstory last month (see below – dated 18th September 2023), I am delighted to share news from National Highways that the speed limit at the dangerous A47 Necton/Dunham junction will be permanently reduced from 50mph to 40mph as part of the ongoing construction works – subject to the completion of statutory processes.

Fantastic news!

Having helped secure the safety improvements currently underway, this latest progress is very positive indeed and a further boost for local road safety.

Rest assured however, my work to improve road safety across Mid Norfolk continues. I will continue to lobby National Highways and others on blackspots such as those in Guist and at the Draytonhall Lane A47 Junction.

To see more about my ongoing work to improve road safety and infrastructure in Norfolk, please visit my campaign page here

To see more about my historic work with Necton Parish Council and Cllrs Nigel Wilkin and Mark Kiddle-Morris on the A47 Necton/Dunham Junction, please see my previous webstory below.


UPDATE - 18 September 2023

The A47 Necton/Dunham junction has long been a source of major concern for those that have cause to use it.

That’s why I was delighted to help secure a commitment from National Highways for improvement works at this dangerous location (having long campaigned with local district, county and parish councillors to that end), and why I am thrilled to now have confirmation that the works will finally get underway next Monday (25th September 2023).

Another pledge successfully delivered!

The £2.5 million improvement project is forecast to take place over five months, with most of the work taking place on weeknights between 8pm-6am – when traffic flows are typically lighter. Both sides of the main A47 Necton/Dunham junction (at Tuns Road and Dunham Road) are set to be widened, with improved drainage and road markings also being put in place. As a result, it should be much safer to access and depart each side of the junction – with visibility significantly improved too.

Having pushed hard for safety improvements at this key junction, these works are a significant step forward. There is still more to do however as I work with the community to push for a permanent speed limit reduction from 50mph to 40mph and support further conversations about additional safety improvements that can be made at this location.

It was a pleasure to hold another site visit with Cllr Nigel Wilkin recently, at which we filmed a short video to update local constituents on the works that are about to commence. Please see below.

Rest assured, I will continue to work hard for further A47 safety improvements (including the also horrendous Draytonhall Lane Junction at Scarning), as well as towards the longer term aim of full A47 dualling.

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