22 February 2024
Attleborough Flooding – Latest

More terrible flooding in Attleborough. More appalling trauma for all those households affected.

Thank you for the Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service and Breckland Council for their rapid response.

Am in urgent contact this morning with Breckland and the key local agencies to get a proper plan in place for the next few days with more heavy rain forecast.

Rearranging tomorrow’s constituency plans to get to Attleborough to see the scale of these floods for myself and thank local volunteers.

This has to stop. That’s why I’m pushing on with:

  • Mid Norfolk Flood Partnership
  • My Flooding Bill to change the planning and liability laws
  • The Norfolk Flood Summit I’m convening to get all the c.36 agencies responsible together to stop the buck passing and sort it.

More on my work to tackle the Mill Lane culvert and watercourse flooding issues here.

More on my wider flooding campaign work here.