George Freeman MP: New technology can save the NHS

21st September 2015 There is a truth in our society that we can no longer ignore. With a rapidly ageing population, the UK faces a new demographic reality. | ConservativeHome

George Freeman MP: How technology will transform care and debate about our NHS

18th January 2015 The technological revolutions which have transformed so much of our economy and society are about to transform healthcare. | ConservativeHome

The Progressive Conscience

Why I'm a Bright Blue MP

12th December 2014 The Times recently held a debate pitting Tim Montgomerie against Matthew Parris, trad versus mod, the Conservative party a house divided against itself. | BrightBlue

The House Magazine

Freeman fighter

12th June 2014 After battling to put life sciences at the heart of the Government’s economic plan, George Freeman is ready for a new challenge. He speaks to The House about trade, pavement politics – and taking on UKIP in its eastern stronghold | PoliticsHome

George Freeman MP & Jennifer Arcuri: The call for digital skills – Tech Vs Brains

11th June 2014 The technological revolution we are living through in the twenty-first century is every bit as profound as the industrial and agricultural revolutions of the 18th and 19th. | ConservativeHome

Forget Pfizer pitch, UK must unleash power of its public health service

29th May 2014 Following AstraZeneca's most recent rejection of Pfizer's bid, many may ask if this is a lost opportunity for British innovation, or the salvation of it? | CNN

Who owns Astra is not important

11th May 2014 Amid all the politics, we need to remember a few truths about Pfizer’s proposed takeover of Astra Zeneca, because it embodies the revolution transforming the pharmaceutical industry. | Sunday Times (£)

How to build an innovation economy

1st May 2014 The UK finds itself at a crossroads. | NewStatesman

The Innovation Chancellor – and Britain’s knowledge economy future

29th April 2014 Last Friday in Cambridge, the Chancellor delivered a seminal speech setting out his commitment to science, technology and innovation as central to the Government’s long term economic plan. | ConservativeHome

Budget 2014: a torpedo Budget which will split the Shadow Cabinet

24th March 2014 Last week’s budget has transformed the political landscape. | The Spectator

The Early Access to Innovative Medicines scheme will make us healthier for longer

14th March 2014 Imagine this: you take a routine trip to the doctors. Except it doesn’t turn out to be routine at all. | The Spectator

The medical data revolution is good for your health

17th February 2014 No change is ever easy. The front-page headline in The Daily Telegraph yesterday – “NHS admits new medical records database could pose privacy risk” – exemplifies broader worries over the latest developments in health care, which is undergoing a quiet revolution being driven by use of data. | Telegraph

The Government launches the Growth Voucher

27th January 2014 Today, the Government launches the Growth Voucher, a free-market Conservative response to Labour’s failed approach to small business. | ConservativeHome

There are no shortcuts to reforming the EU

15th January 2014 What does a Tory eurosceptic look like? | The Spectator    

EU rules are stifling a golden age of biotechnology

10th January 2014 As the world’s population climbs towards nine billion we face a perfect storm of geopolitical pressure for the basics of life. | The Times (£)

How social conservatives and liberals can build a progressive alliance

22nd December 2013 Is the future of the Conservative party one of a house divided against itself, as Tim Montgomerie eloquently suggested recently? | ConservativeHome


It’s time to break the Whitehall silo and put startup discipline into government

4th December 2013 The curse of Norman Lamont makes politicians wary of mentioning the “green shoots” of recovery. | CityAM


Share NHS data for the common good

27th November 2013 George Freeman MP has introduced a ten minute rule motion looking at electronic patient records and patient data opt-ins | PoliticsHome


Integrating aid and trade

November 2013 The financial press are often fickle in their enthusiasm, no more so than over the case of emerging markets | Delivering the UK export ambition, November 2013

The Spectator

Why EU red tape risks our economic recovery

16th October 2013 You know you've been in politics too long when you're onto your tenth 'Red Tape Challenge'. I remember Neil Hamilton as Deregulation Minister in the Major Government in '92 promising to slash the jungle of red tape. Every time I cheered. Every time the flood of Regulations and Directives kept pouring out of the Whitehall and Brussels machine. | Spectator


George Freeman MP: A new deal for start-ups

30th September 2013 George Freeman will speak at the EntrepreneurCountry conference in London. He is calling for a new deal for start-ups removing tax and regulation for the first 2 years or until turnover hits £250k. | PoliticsHome

Green Alliance

Green conservatism: protecting the environment through open markets

September 2013 Letting people reform their own energy market. | Green Alliance

Reform Journal

How UK life sciences can help us win in the global race

Autumn 2013 There is one fundamental question facing our generation: how do we unlock a sustainable UK economic recovery which tackles both the need for growth and public service productivity?| Reform Journal (extract)

FST Journal

feeding, fuelling and healing the world

May 2013 The developing world will in the next 50 years go through what the developed world has gone through in the 300 years since the Agricultural Revolution. | FST Journal

London Calling - How Britain must now lead the campaign for European reform

10th July 2013 Last Friday’s historic Commons vote in which the Conservative Party in Parliament voted in favour of an EU Referendum Bill edges us closer to putting into law the Prime Minister’s groundbreaking commitment to the strategy of "Renegotiation + Referendum". | ConservativeHome


George Freeman has tabled an adjournment debate on Genetic medicine and patients' rights

13th June 2013 10 years ago the UK was home to one of the great breakthroughs in the story of mankind. | Politics Home

There is a Conservative case for overseas aid. We should make it

29th May 2013 The UK is set to join a select group of countries this year by becoming the first member of the G8 group of rich nations to meet the 0.7% GDP aid goal set by the UN in the 1970s. | NewStatesman

A more businesslike government would do wonders for Britain

3rd June 2013 Six years after the collapse of Northern Rock heralded the crash of New Labour’s borrowed boom, Britain’s economy is slowly beginning to recover. Osbornomics (public spending restraint, reform of welfare and education to support work, tax breaks for business) is beginning to work. | Telegraph

UKIP come knocking: what's going on, and how to respond?

3rd May 2013 My constituency of Mid Norfolk is seriously small 'c' Conservative country. | ConservativeHome --- Why we must unleash the little guys to drive economic recovery

11th February 2013 With a predictably fragile economic recovery, Labour 5%-10% ahead in the polls and a growing public doubt about whether we can have both public sector deficit reduction AND economic growth, George Osborne’s mid term budget in 40 days is critically important. | ConservativeHome


Life’s Better

September 2012 A sustainable recovery from the crash of the credit-fuelled boom will need to be driven by real businesses making and selling products and services the world needs. | ModernGov

House Magazine

The Specialist Advisor

18th October 2012 When is a government minister not really a minister? | House Magazine

Why Britain needs an innovation economy

18th March 2012 Something is stirring in the boardrooms of British industry. You heard it at Davos. | The Observer

The Free Enterprise Group

The Innovation Economy: Industrial Policy for the 21st Century

| The Free Enterprise Group

We need new models of funding for infrastructure to unlock new sources of finance and for growth

29th November 2011 History shows that leaders often turn to national infrastructure projects at times of historic economic crisis. | ConservativeHome

Public Service Reform

The scale of the economic challenge of competitiveness we force demands radical reforms—across the board in the way Government does its business. | 2020C


An enterprise revolution

The economic crash of 2008 represents the most profound economic crisis faced by the West in 75 years. | Reform

Why infrastructure is essential to our global competitiveness as a knowledge economy

9th October 2011 Infrastructure investment is essential to a coherent plan for growth and economic recovery. | Respublica

Mutual Rail Companies: A key to unlocking a rebalanced economy

We need to get the real economy moving again. | Respublica