9 February 2023
Wymondham Station Access – Update

The campaign to secure proper access to Platform 2 of Wymondham Station has been one I have been actively involved in for a number of years and, having shared the growing frustration (rightly) of so many in our area at the continued slowness of any progress, I once again committed to doing my bit to reenergise those efforts – reconvening a Taskforce of key stakeholders in the autumn to hold them to account, find out what was going on and make clear in no uncertain terms that the local community expects to see action, and quickly.

Today, I met again with those key stakeholders for progress updates and set the next stage of actions that aim to ensure access improvements are delivered for Platform 2 as quickly as possible – and as stage one of a wider regeneration plan for the entire station site.

This remains a central focus of mine at this time and I am committed to holding local stakeholders to account, while also impressing the urgency of addressing these access issues upon ministers and officials.

To learn more about all my work on this, as well as the wider regeneration vision for the site, please visit my campaign page here.