10 January 2023
Wymondham Station Access – Update

The campaign to secure proper access to Platform 2 of Wymondham Station has been one I have been actively involved in for a number of years and, having shared the growing frustration (rightly) of so many in our area at the continued slowness of any progress, I once again committed to doing my bit to reenergise those efforts – reconvening a Taskforce of key stakeholders in the autumn to hold them to account, find out what was going on and make clear in no uncertain terms that the local community expects to see action, and quickly.

As part of that ongoing work, I welcomed the chance to meet with a number of those key stakeholders again shortly before Christmas to receive updates and discuss the next round of necessary actions. I reiterated again that a lack of proper access to Platform 2 has long been unacceptable.

Those discussions were helpful and I look forward to our next conversations in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, I continue to liaise with our various stakeholders as we pursue multiple avenues that aim to deliver step-free access to Platform 2 as soon as possible – and as the first part of a wider regeneration package for the entire station site in the coming years.

To learn more about all my work on this, as well as the wider regeneration vision for the site, please visit my campaign page here.