19 February 2019
Watton Post Office Update

Further to my previous update regarding Watton Post Office and my attending of the ribbon cutting prior to the official re-opening on Monday 18 February, I was disappointed to learn from Devan Changela of Edwards News that this has been delayed due to a telecommunications issue.

Devan is working hard with suppliers and engineers to get the branch open as quickly as possible, and I have also written to my contacts at both BT Openreach and the Post Office Ltd to raise the issue and the importance of getting the service back to the town as soon as possible.

As a contingency plan the mobile Post Office will continue to operate from Watton Library car park on Thursday afternoon from 1.30-3.30pm until the new Post Office can open.

Once open the new Post Office, located in Edwards News, will be open seven days a week: Monday to Saturday: 6am –5.30pm and Sunday: 6.30am – 1pm.