13 July 2023
Tittleshall Manor Farm Visit

Farming is one of our region’s most vital sectors and, having grown up on my stepfather’s farm, previously worked as Parliamentary Officer for the NFU and now represented a largely rural constituency for over thirteen years, I place great importance on supporting our local agricultural industries, as well as those looking to protect and enhance the landscapes and habitats that make our area such a nice place to live.

That’s why I was delighted to visit Tittleshall Manor Farm a couple of weeks ago to discuss some of the challenges facing farmers, land managers and conservationists, meeting with representatives from the Country Land and Business Association (CLA) and the Nature Friendly Farming Network (NFFN) – both of which are campaigning to secure a sustainable, resilient and fair food system.

As a planet, we are currently facing the challenges of an ever-warming climate, biodiversity loss, and widespread food insecurity exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine. One of the key solutions to these problems is innovative, nature-friendly farming – which can build resilience into our agricultural sector by boosting diversity and pioneering new approaches to farming, land management and conservation.

Mid Norfolk, and the East, has long led the way in these fields and I welcomed the opportunity to learn more about the CLA’s “Rural Powerhouse Campaign” and the NFFN’s recent report highlighting the role that nature friendly farming can play in building a sustainable food future.

I very much look forward to continuing my close work with the local farming community, ensuring that the issues they are facing are highlighted with DEFRA, while also championing the bold, innovative solutions they are developing.

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