8 April 2024
Swanton Morley Community Surgery

An MP’s first duty is to their constituency. I believe it’s so important for me, as YOUR elected representative, to be out and about and accessible, to listen to and represent YOU! And not just at election times!

That’s why, in addition to the 1000+ casework and correspondence emails, letters and telephone calls I receive each week, as well as my various campaign work, I run a regular programme of Supermarket and Community Surgeries here in Mid Norfolk – moving them around the constituency to make it as easy as possible for people to come and see me.

Thank you Swanton Morley for hosting my latest Community Surgery at the Village Hall on Friday.

Joined by Cllr Bill Borrett, Cllr Roger Atterwill and Police and Crime Commissioner Giles Orpen-Smellie, I met with over 50 constituents for an excellent and very productive Q+A on all the key issues I’m working on as a backbench constituency MP locally – including flooding, NHS Dentistry, Mental Health, GP appointments, A47 dualling and rat-running, housing shortages, roads and planning.

We also discussed key Swanton Morley specific issues such as the state and future of Robertson Barracks (including the key infrastructure and service requirements that will be needed if new housing is built on the Barracks site longer term), as well as the serious flood issues in Woodgate and pressures at the local GP surgery. I picked up important casework issues with individual constituents too.

Engagement with my constituents is such a vital part of my job and I relish the chance to have YOU come along and ‘bend my ear’.

If YOU would like to come along and informally bend my ear at one of my upcoming surgeries, please do contact me at george.freeman.mp@parliament.uk

Or if YOU would just like some help with an issue, or to make me aware of a policy concern, please do send over your comments via email for me to pick up too.