20 October 2022
Rural Rail Station Regeneration and Wymondham Station Access – Update

Our local rail network has a vitally important role to play if we are to turbocharge a ‘Rural Renaissance’ of local business and enterprise, as well as spread jobs, opportunities and prosperity to EVERYONE living in our local Mid Norfolk communities.

That’s why I welcomed the opportunity to ask ministers a question at Transport OPQs last week – highlighting the importance of our rural stations as much needed hubs of rural enterprise and regeneration, and specifically the importance of addressing access issues such as those that STILL affect Platform 2 of Wymondham Station.

I am grateful to the minister for his positive response and look forward to the opportunity to sit down with him to discuss this all in greater depth.

However, I remain committed to driving forward this agenda in the meantime – and will be meeting with key stakeholders on the Wymondham Station Access issue in the coming days to press home the urgency of finally tackling the situation and making it clear that this cannot go on. It is unacceptable that, after so many years, Platform 2 remains inaccessible to so many. People shouldn’t have to journey to Norwich or Attleborough in order to change platforms and return to Wymondham on the side that does have sufficient access.

To see my question to the minister last week, please see the video below.

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