15 June 2023
Rat-Running Taskforce – Update

As part of my ongoing campaign to support the South of the A47 Taskforce that I helped convene in order to address rat-running concerns in the Corridor between the Wood Lane/Berry’s Lane junction at Honingham and the A11 at Wymondham, I welcomed the chance to engage again with the Taskforce in recent days.

Although much progress has been made as the Taskforce have worked with Norfolk County Council Highways to develop a package of mitigation measures aimed at alleviating existing rat-running while also preparing in advance for any likely impacts of the A47 dualling between North Tuddenham and Easton (as well as the Norwich Western Link), I am conscious that there remain some local concerns about specific routes along this Corridor that appear to have been missed in the mitigation package.

That’s why I have contacted NCC Highways again to suggest another rat-running meeting in the coming weeks to look at what more can be done for those one or two locations worried that they are not included in the proposals.

Rest assured, I am firmly committed to supporting these communities – and will continue to hold the key stakeholders to account in order to deliver the mitigation improvements we need to see.

Full details of my work with the Taskforce can be found on my website here.