6 February 2024
Planning – Wicklewood

Building enough houses to make sure everyone in our area has the chance for a roof of their own, while also making sure we protect our rural landscape and heritage, is often a difficult balance. 

That’s why, having recently been made aware of concerns being raised in Wicklewood regarding the South Norfolk Village Clusters consultation and the inclusion of a specific application to the south of the Primary School on land off Hackford Road and The Green, I met with Wicklewood Parish Councillors and district councillor Richard Elliott this past Friday to look at the proposals in more detail.

See my short video above.

As explained, I share many of the concerns raised with me and therefore made a formal submission to South Norfolk as part of the consultation ahead of Monday’s 5pm deadline. See my letter below.

While most, if not all, of our local communities need some additional housing, built in the right places and delivered The Norfolk Way, in order to ensure we have enough homes for local people and can keep our towns and villages thriving and vibrant, we must properly plan it – making sure it is sustainable (with the right infrastructure and services to support it) and that it does not come to the serious detriment of our rural heritage and way of life.

I am committed to helping the people of Wicklewood raise their serious concerns about the proposals in question here.

To find out more about my long campaign on ‘Planning and Protecting Our Rural Landscapes and Heritage’, please visit my campaign page here.