4 November 2020
Planning - National Consultations

As many constituents, businesses and local Parish Councils have contacted me about in recent weeks, the Government has recently held two important consultations – the ‘Changes to the Current Planning System’ and ‘Planning for the Future’ consultations.

Please see both of my submissions below.

Whilst the reforms proposed contain some good measures (primarily on design codes and trees, and the desire to look at speeding up the entire planning process as a whole), I fear the proposals in general are undeliverable and will in fact worsen the situation – failing to address the real problems with our current planning system and instead creating a host of new issues.

As you can see, in each submission, I have outlined in detail the problems I see with the proposals being put forward by the Government and, in my ‘Planning for the Future’ consultation submission, I have set out how I believe the current planning system should in fact be improved. 

Rest assured, as I have done with planning matters throughout my time as the MP for Mid Norfolk, I will continue to actively campaign on this matter – and fully intend continuing to speak in the House and lobbying Ministers hard to get the right outcome for our area. 

As ever, any and all feedback is appreciated.

Planning for the Future, Consultation Submission

Changes to the Current Planning System letter