23 January 2024
Pet Abduction Bill

Pets — from lap cats to working dogs — are a part of our families. Their theft should be treated as such – it is not a victimless crime.

That’s why I was proud to support the Pet Abduction Bill on Friday — helping successfully get it past the crucial second reading.

Whilst it was a heartfelt pleasure to put Tosca my elderly cat & Jassy my fox-red lab on the Hansard record, the issue of pet theft is something that we must take seriously.

It’s an issue which tears families apart, leaves emotional scars on owners for years, and can deprive people of the comforting presence they need to tackle challenges such as mental health.

I was glad to be able to raise some local cases — helping to bring attention to the very personal nature of this crime.

It’s also vitally important that we all play our part, ensuring that we help to secure loose dogs and ensure they are safely handed to someone who can look after them – so that they do not end up like my close friend Marika’s pet dog, tragically snatched after being carelessly tied up by a passer by who found her, and later found deceased near the North Circular.