3 October 2022
Norwich-Liverpool Rail Service

The quality of our local rail links here in Norfolk has been a central mission of mine throughout my time as the local MP (see more about my campaign here).

That’s why I am pleased to have been informed that the Liverpool-Norwich railway operator, East Midlands Railway (EMR), have now confirmed through trains from Liverpool, Manchester and Sheffield to Norwich will continue until at least December 2023.

This is hugely positive news for our region – keeping us connected to major hubs in the North and North West, as well as the many railway line ‘spokes’ that run off these key railway routes.

Key now is the mission to ensure that all trains running on these services are clean and green – whether that be electric or hydrogen (a fast growing sector that has deep routes here in the East and will revolutionise transport, as well as other industries like farming).

Rest assured, I will continue to do all I can to ensure Mid Norfolk has the connectivity it both needs and deserves – also leading the way in the ‘Green Revolution’.