9 June 2023
Norfolk Offshore Wind Zone Community Benefit Fund – Vattenfall

While permission for Vattenfall’s Vanguard and Boreas Offshore Wind Farm applications, along with their associated onshore infrastructure, have now been granted, the conversations don’t stop. From day one, I have always been clear that IF Necton and other affected villages accommodate this Nationally Significant Infrastructure, Vattenfall must provide substantial compensation to them in the form of community benefits.

I welcomed the opportunity therefore to reiterate that sentiment to Vattenfall this past week – ahead of their latest Community Benefit workshop in Necton.

I emphasised the need to ensure that, of their Community Benefit Fund, the largest proportion of funds are directed to those communities most affected by the upcoming construction works – and who will have to play host to this infrastructure. I also made clear once again that these communities must have the greatest say in what community benefits they receive – and that they must not have their views watered down by those of communities and focus groups miles away and for whom these projects will have little direct impact.

(I know these sentiments are shared by a number of my fellow Eastern MP colleagues – and specifically Duncan Baker MP and Jerome Mayhew MP with regards to these applications. Together, we have made our views clear to Vattenfall – but also to the relevant ministers and officials in Whitehall)

The next Community Benefit Fund workshop being held by Vattenfall in Mid Norfolk will be in Dereham on Monday 19th June – between 6-8pm. (Please see the leaflet below).

It is vital that the local community is heard in this process and that local households and businesses do take the time to submit their views to the process. If YOU live in Mid Norfolk (and particularly in close proximity to the Necton substation site or the cable corridor), PLEASE do have your say.

Rest assured, I will continue to work with local residents, councillors and community groups to speak up on behalf of Mid Norfolk in relation to these applications – and, more widely, I remain committed to working with OffSET MP colleagues to continue putting pressure on those bodies responsible for delivering the Offshore Transmission Network (also known as an Offshore Ring Main) that the Government has committed to pursuing. It’s vital that we see that project delivered as swiftly and comprehensively as possible.

To keep up to date with all my work on that campaign, please visit my website campaign page here.