16 September 2021
A New Anglia Net Zero Pathfinder

How do we help SMEs and households make Net Zero a reality?

This is the question that the Norfolk Mag 7 group of entrepreneurs that I helped pull together are looking to answer.

That’s why I was delighted to bring Andrew Griffith MP, the Government’s Net Zero Business Champion, to meet the Mag 7 earlier this week and hear more about their vision for a ‘New Anglia Net Zero Pathfinder’.

Mag 7 video meeting

The team have been busy working on proposals (aimed at helping not only their own sectors achieve Net Zero, but also everyday people and SMEs in general) and pitched their belief that the Road to Net Zero, while crucial if we are to address climate change and protect the environment, could also deliver strong and sustainable economic growth in the East – helping the region to ‘Level Up’ and ‘Build Back Better’ post-Covid.

Among the group’s proposals are a major study to gather the necessary data and identify the biggest Net Zero challenges and to help understand how best to address them – as well as initiatives to better educate us all on the small steps that we take each day that collectively make such a big difference.

I forward to continuing to support the Mag 7 team, and am delighted that Andrew saw so much promise in their work. Together, we hope to secure Government ‘Net Zero Pathfinder’ status for the project – which would help us drive to forward and help thousands of people move further along the Road to Net Zero.

I am proud to be supporting such an innovative and hard-working team of entrepreneurs, and will provide further updates in the weeks and months to come.