27 February 2018
Necton Meeting - Vattenfall

Back in September, I met with representatives of Necton Parish Council, Vattenfall and Highways England to discuss several significant issues pertaining to the future of Necton – including, most notably, local concerns about Vattenfall’s proposals to locate the substation connection point for two new wind farms (Norfolk Vanguard and Norfolk Boreas) in the village over the next few years.

As those who have already corresponded with me will know, this has been a matter I have followed closely for many months and, this past Friday, I chaired a second meeting – with the Parish Council, Vattenfall, local councillors and the Necton Substation Action Group all represented.

The proposed substation at Necton will be the biggest renewable energy substation in the world –and I firmly believe that, where a local community has to carry a major piece of National Infrastructure, a clear community benefit must also be provided.

Unsurprisingly, the news that the proposed substation will have to be much taller (due to the decision to go for HVDC, instead of HVAC, in order to minimise the environmental and landscape impact in North Norfolk) has led to heightened concern in Necton.

I am, therefore, convening a Task Force of local community leaders and groups (of all different ages and backgrounds) to negotiate with Vattenfall to try and secure proper landscape screening and serious community investment for Necton, which will be key to avoiding a major local planning campaign against the proposed substation.

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Photo: George Freeman MP (centre), with Jenny Smedley of the Necton Substation Action Group (left) and Parish Councillor and local businessman, Phil Hayton.