30 November 2022
The Lighthouse Centre, Attleborough

Anyone familiar with Mid Norfolk knows that our area is home to a much loved sense of spirit and community that binds us all together. 

That’s why I always look to shine a light on, and support, any local projects and initiatives that look to nurture and enhance that spirit for the good of others – and why I was delighted therefore to visit The Lighthouse Centre in Attleborough this past Friday to learn more about the fantastic work that is taking place there.

Set up through the local Christ Community Church, ‘The Lighthouse’ is a wonderful local social action charity – with over twelve active projects helping in excess of 400 people at this time. Meeting with Rob, Ruth, James and Chris, alongside local councillor Keith Martin, I got the opportunity to see the new Centre that they bought earlier this year, and which they have begun renovating.

Located at the old Hamilton Brush Factory, the Lighthouse Centre will become the new home of the Christ Community Church, as well as a brand new Community Centre for the area, with youth club facilities and, in time, much much more. I was highly impressed with the Lighthouse team’s commitment to transforming this incredible historic building into a real community hub in the heart of the town (one that can serve both the existing community as well as the significant amount of new housing on the way) and am delighted that the likes of Breckland District Council are actively engaging with them as they explore how best to make the most of this brilliant site.

To learn more about this wonderful project, please do watch a short video that I filmed with the team during my visit, here.

I look forward to continuing the conversation and to helping the team as they seek to raise funds for the fantastic work they have planned.

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