15 April 2023
Grand National

65yrs today since Dad won the Grand National at Aintree Racecourse in 1958 riding the little Irish gelding #MrWhat to a famous Irish win 🏆

36yrs since Dads untimely death🙏 a broken man after a two decades grappling with head injury induced depression, addiction & gambling culminating in the all too familiar cycle of bankruptcy, divorce & family trauma.

5yrs since I launched the Bridge of Hope Careers in 2018 in his memory with
🤝The Racing Foundation
🤝my childhood buddy James Fellowes (who had suffered a mid-life collapse from undiagnosed bipolar disorder) and
🤝 Prosper 4 Group

to help others 🤝who’ve had a fall in life with a leg-up back into the saddle of fulfilling work.

Thanks to all those who backed us, over 60,000 people have now found work through our digital jobs portal:

ℹ️ Bridge of Hope Careers


RIP dad 🙏🤝

British Horseracing Authority
The Racing Foundation
Prosper 4 Group

#mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness
#neurodiversity #inclusiveemployment