22 February 2022
Future Breckland Plan – Attleborough Update

How do we ensure that 4,000 new houses to the south of Attleborough won’t destroy the heartbeat of this historic town and instead create a beautiful, healthy, ‘green’, thriving town for the next generation?

With a proper Plan.

That’s why I was delighted to meet with Hatch, the economic specialists employed by Breckland Council to lead the ‘Future Breckland’ project, this past Friday.

During this meeting I discussed various topics with Hatch, namely the long-term potential of the Banham Poultry site; as well as stressing the impact that a community and business hub with 5G WIFI around the Railway Station could have by providing a true ‘gateway’ to Attleborough town centre.

While there remains a lot to do, I look forward to continuing this work to ensure that the Attleborough Plan benefits the entire community by creating a thriving town for many years to come.

George Freeman MP meets with Hatch