7 March 2023
Fred Nicholson School

Following my webstory update last week, I am delighted to hear that NCC’s Cabinet have indeed given the greenlight for the purchasing of the necessary land in Swaffham required for the construction of a new home for Fred Nicholson School.

This is great news! And sends the clearest possible signal to the SEND community that NCC are committed to doing all they can to ensure Norfolk has the support it needs.

While there is much work still to be done, this is a huge step forwards locally – and I commend Jane Hayman and her wonderful team at Fred Nichs for all the hard work they’ve put into this campaign to date. I remain firmly committed to doing all I can to help them drive it forward – and look forward to the day (not in the too distant future) when I can visit in person the brand new, fit-for-purpose home of this truly inspiring and much valued school.

Please see here the EDP article sharing the news.

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