14 June 0002
Farming Equipment and Technology Fund

Having grown up on my stepdad’s farm and previously worked as Parliamentary Officer for the NFU, I have always had a strong connection with our agricultural industries and the environment. Farming and all of its associated sectors play a key role in not only our Norfolk (and wider Eastern) economy, but also in the preservation and enhancement of our beautiful rural landscapes and way of life.

That’s why I am delighted that £221,636 has recently been awarded to farmers and foresters here in Mid Norfolk as part of the Government’s Farming Equipment and Technology Fund – with that money being invested in over 90 pieces of equipment.

The Fund aims to help local farmers and foresters boost farm productivity, reduce waste, cut input costs, improve slurry management and increase environmental sustainability – and I welcome the news that the Government has increased the original budget for the Fund from £17million to £31million in response to farmer demand.

This is all part of the Government’s manifesto commitment to invest £2.4 billion per year in farming for the rest of this Parliament – and represents the latest example of the Government’s commitment to this vitally important sector.

Having spoken with ministers and officials, I know there will be further rounds of the fund in the coming months and I will support local stakeholders as we look to ensure more of that money makes its way to Mid Norfolk.

I also look forward to continuing my close work with the local farming community, including with the new Norfolk County Adviser at the NFU, Flora Archer – with whom I am looking to arrange a further series of conversations with local NFU members in the constituency.

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George Freeman MP meets with local NFU members