17 April 2024
Disabled Facilities Grant Funding

How we take care of, and support, some of our most vulnerable people is a measure of us as a society.

That’s why I was delighted to secure and join a meeting for Breckland Council’s Cllr Sam Chapman-Allen and Cllr Claire Bowes with DLUHC officials to discuss the vital Disabled Facilities Grant fund this afternoon.

The DFG provides home adaptation funds that help eligible individuals remain and live independently in their own homes - often alleviating pressure on the wider health and social care system in a preventative way, saving considerable sums for the taxpayer longer term.

Breckland has an excellent track record on delivering these adaptations, but with surging demand and rising costs, delivery is increasingly challenging.

That’s why I’m supporting Breckland as they push for greater support for district councils from the DFG – as well as their suggestion of becoming a pathfinder for a bolder, more innovative approach to delivering these home improvements in a way that is faster and more beneficial for those that need them.

I look forward to providing further updates in due course.