18 December 2023
Digital Landline Rollout

Superfast, reliable broadband and mobile signal is essential to life in the 21st century – which is why, throughout my time as local MP, I have placed improved provision amongst my central campaign focuses and lobbied hard for investment and action from Government and key stakeholders.

(See my ‘Campaigning for better broadband and mobile signal in Mid Norfolk’ campaign page here)

While much progress has been made (with coverage now up to 95% of Norfolk), there are still problem “not spots” that need to be addressed. I continue to work hard on behalf of those living in that final 5% – but appreciate, that for many in those areas, a reliable, working landline remains of significant importance.

That’s why I welcome BT’s announcement that they are temporarily pausing the migration of all non-voluntary, managed migrations of customers from landlines to their new digital landline service – Digital Voice.

Having seen the issues that other providers have encountered when migrating users to a digital landline, BT have taken their decision to safeguard the services of any of their own customers who may have been at risk of service problems.

Although the migration will eventually go ahead, I am pleased that BT are putting the needs of customers first – and exploring what more needs to be done to support households and businesses through this process. We must not allow our most rural areas, and particularly the elderly, vulnerable and businesses there, to be cut off.

Rest assured, I will continue to monitor progress closely – speaking up on behalf of my Mid Norfolk constituents.