1 August 2023
Banking Update

Local bank branches are a key part of our Mid Norfolk community. This includes having access to cash for small businesses, which drive our local economy. Branch closures also disproportionately affect the most vulnerable in our society – including the elderly.

That is why I recently hosted a meetings with Cash Access UK, Cllrs Claire Bowes, Tristan Ashby, Samantha Taylor, Taila Taylor, and Tina Kiddell, alongside Andrew Holdsworth (Assistant Director for Economy and Growth at Breckland Council) to discuss the implementation of local banking hubs in Attleborough and Watton.

We all recognised the role that accessible banking plays in both everyday life and local commerce. Therefore, I was pleased to hear of the encouraging progress being made to secure a local banking hub in Watton, and the continued efforts and openness to the proposal in Attleborough.

Rest assured, I will continue to fight for local banking provision throughout our Mid Norfolk community, knowing how important this is to residents.

You can read more about my campaign to back local businesses here.