EU Referendum - YOU DECIDE

After months of noisy campaigning, tomorrow YOU will decide on one of the biggest issues facing this country: do we want to Remain a member of the EU or Leave?

It’s a massive decision which will affect this country for decades to come: economically, politically, and culturally.

At its heart is a simple choice: do you think the United Kingdom is better off IN the European Union, Single Market and at the top table leading reform in Europe, or do you think we are better off out?


Tribute to Jo Cox MP

Jo Cox MP

This afternoon Parliament gathers to pay tribute to Jo Cox MP - Member of Parliament for Batley, so horrifically murdered last week by a fanatic who it seems had targeted her because of her political beliefs and brutally attacked her whilst she was going about her duty as a constituency MP.

Her death has rightly shocked the nation, and the world.

Sadly, owing to a long pre-arranged Rally for RemaIN in Manchester today - which I know Jo would have wanted us to hold - I am unable to be in the House this afternoon with fellow MPs to join the special Parliamentary session and Memorial service for Jo.

About George

“Born and brought up in East Anglia, enjoys cycling and sailing on the Norfolk coast...”

Gearge was election to Parliament in May 2010 after a 15 year career in and around the Cambridge cluster supporting high growth businesses.

EU Referendum

EU: In or Out? Debate Series 2016.

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