19 November 2021
Vertical Farm

As the UK embarks on its mission to become a “Science Superpower”, Norfolk and the East finds itself at the forefront of the “Green Revolution” and will benefit from positive growth, thousands of exciting new jobs in the sectors of tomorrow and increased prosperity – while also pioneering the innovation and technologies that will improve the life of billions around the world.

That’s why I was so delighted to hear that the world’s largest vertical farm is currently under construction at the nearby Easton Food Enterprise Park. Operated by Fischer Farms, the site will grow salad and herbs in its four acre facility – producing as many crops as one thousand acres of conventional British farming can do for the same products.

Using renewable energy and recycling its own water, the farm will be among the most environmentally friendly and sustainable in the world, leading the way in one of the most exciting fields of our day.

To learn more, please visit the Fischer Farms website here.