24 March 2022
A Stronger Vision for the Norfolk Research Triangle

Since becoming an MP back in 2010, I have been a vocal advocate for a better model of development and growth – one that does not ruin the beautiful landscapes and high quality rural way of life that we are hold so dear, but instead breathes fresh vibrancy into our towns and villages and improves the lives of us all.

That’s why I was delighted to hold the second meeting of the “Norfolk Research Triangle” forum that I have set up, with the support of Jerome Mayhew MP and Richard Bacon MP.

The “Norfolk Research Triangle” (the name I frequently described as the space between Norwich-Dereham-Wymondham/Attleborough) will see much of the growth and development associated with the likes of the Norwich Research Park, the Hethel Engineering Centre, the Easton Food Enterprise Park and the A11 Tech Corridor spreading within it.

We do not need to fear it.

If done correctly, we can avoid the scourges of rat-running and poor planning, and instead embrace a greener, cleaner, healthier way of life that creates thousands of jobs in the highly skilled, exciting sectors of tomorrow; places emphasis on walking and cycling routes, as well as sustainable modes of transport; improves local amenities and services; and allows a youngsters to remain in the area, rather than having to move to away.

Further information about this campaign can be found on my website here.

If YOUR community is in and around the Triangle and YOU would be interested in becoming involved, please do get in touch to signal your interest.