21 September 2021
RIS3: Road Investment Strategy 3

Our roads are vital in enabling businesses to transport products and services, providing access to jobs and suppliers, and facilitating trade and investment across the country as well as providing essential links for leisure and connecting people and places.

Further to my update on the Road Investment Strategy 3 meeting held by Baroness Vere for MPs last week, Highways England have now shared with me information as to how constituents can submit their views on what the UK’s road investment priorities should be for the period 2025-2030.

The new easy-to-use online tool provides everyone the opportunity, from commuters, professional road users, nearby residents, and community groups to comment.

I would encourage everyone to get involved and share what is important to them – Dualling on the A47 perhaps, or general feedback about our road network here in the East. This is your opportunity to help inform the long-term vision for the future of our roads in Mid Norfolk.

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George Freeman MP