16 September 2021
RIS3: Road Investment Strategy 3

One of my central missions since becoming an MP back in 2010 has been campaigning for the improvement of Norfolk’s infrastructure so as to ensure we can ‘Level Up’, ‘Build Back Better’ post-Covid and unlock our true economic potential. I was proud therefore when, alongside other Norfolk MPs and the A47 Alliance, we were able to secure the £300 million of funding for the dualling of the North Tuddenham-Easton stretch of the A47, for which construction is set to begin next year.

There is much work still to be done however, and I continue to work with partners to make the case for the full-dualling of the A47. Proper 21st century road infrastructure would not only improve road safety by widening unsafe single-carriage roads, but also foster economic growth by providing our residents with quick links to jobs in the growing green economy, and by opening up own innovative businesses and institutions, like the Norwich Research Park.

That’s why I was delighted to attend Baroness Vere’s RIS3 briefing for MPs today – at which the Government set out how it will determine its strategic vision and priorities for the country’s road network over the period 2025-2030, and outlining what objectives their multi-year investment plan will achieve.

Rest assured, I will continue to fight for the modern transport links that are vital for our region’s economic prosperity.