22 January 2021
Planning - Mattishall

It is no secret that I have deep concerns about the high number of applications in our part of Norfolk – many of which are, often, highly inappropriate and on a scale that is unsustainable and out of keeping with the heritage and identity of our largely rural area, lacking the services and infrastructure needed to support them and the existing community, as well as clearly breaching the sustainable development criteria set out in the National Planning Policy Framework and 2011 Localism Act.

That’s why I have submitted the below letter to Breckland Council – to formally put on record my concerns about the application to build 50 new homes on land south of Dereham Road in Mattishall (due to be heard by the Breckland Planning Committee on Monday).

The application is clearly unsustainable and we must do all we can to stop inappropriate developments that lack the necessary infrastructure to support it.

I believe that there is a better way to do Planning – and to read more about my views on this, please see my submissions to the Government’s recent National Planning Policy consultations here .

Letter to Breckland Council