13 September 2021
Meeting with Vattenfall

As the hardwork continues in Westminster to put pressure on Ministers, their officials and the likes of National Grid, National GridESO and OFGEM as we look to ensure an Offshore Transmission Network is delivered as swiftly and comprehensively as possible, so too does the hardwork locally to ensure the communities that may be most affected by the offshore windfarm proposals are properly compensated for hosting this Nationally Significant Infrastructure.

That’s why I welcomed the opportunity last week to host a meeting with representatives of Necton Parish Council and Vattenfall UK to highlight local concerns that community benefits and compensation may only be looked at in the round of the county, leaving those communities worst affected disproportionately acknowledged in the package of benefits that will eventually be developed.

I was pleased therefore that, while they are looking at what they can do to boost skills and economic growth countywide should their proposals for the Norfolk Vangaurd and Norfolk Boreas be granted permission, Vattenfall accepted the principle that the towns and villages most directly affected must receive substantial community benefits as compensation. I am now working with Necton Parish Council and Vattenfall to develop a model by which proper community feedback on community benefits can be collected from local businesses and residents, and which can be rolled out across the county .

Rest assured, I will continue to do all I can ensure Necton, and many of the surrounding villages that will also be affected should these proposals go ahead, gets the fairest possible deal for hosting this infrastructure.

Meeting with representatives of Necton Parish Council and Vattenfall UK.