9 March 2022
Future Breckland Plan – Attleborough Update

How do we ensure that 4,000 new houses to the south of Attleborough won’t destroy the heartbeat of this historic town and instead create a beautiful, healthy, ‘green’, thriving town for the next generation?

With a proper Plan.

That’s why I continue to actively support Breckland Council’s ‘Future Breckland’ initiative (being carried out by Hatch) – which is now focussing on Attleborough.

Being delivered as part of Breckland’s Covid-19 recovery plans, seizing the opportunity to define the future of the Breckland economy (particularly its five market towns). How people relate to their local town, and what they require from it, is a major question being asked nationally – and Breckland is rightly looking to be at the forefront of future thinking.

This coming Monday (14th March), a ‘Your Priorities’ workshop will be held in the town at the Attleborough Town Hall between 5.30pm-7pm and it is vital that as many members of the local community as possible take the time to sign up and attend the event. The more local people (whether residents, businesses, schools, community groups and leaders etc) that have their say, the stronger the eventual Plan will be. It’s key that it properly reflects the views of local people.

To sign up and learn more about this FREE event, please visit the Eventbrite page here

Alternatively, you can call 0207 252 3400 to reserve your spot.

To see more about some of the work I have done on this issue (including for other towns), please visit my website herehere and here