3 August 2022
East Anglia Green – Offshore Alternative Consultation

Having been a leading figure calling for a proper offshore solution over several years, I recognise that the East Anglia Green proposals put forward by National Grid (although not directly impacting upon Mid Norfolk) are a big part of that wider campaign.

That’s why I added my name to the letter submitted to my former BEIS colleague the Energy Minister by OffSET MPs to criticise the lack of proper public consultation conducted by National Grid over the EAG plans (see more here).

While there is no doubt that we must transport south the crucial power that offshore wind will generate off the East coast in the coming years, we believe it makes far more sense for this to be done as part of the Offshore Transmission Network that the Government has committed to. And, at the very least, local residents, businesses and other key stakeholders should have a proper say as part of a proper consultation.

We disagree with National Grid’s assertion that they DID properly consult the public on whether or not this infrastructure should go ahead onshore (with new pylons running from Norwich to Tilbury) or be included in an offshore solution.

The OffSET group have therefore opened a consultation (please find it here) to ask those that did participate in the National Grid consultation whether or not they do believe they were given the chance to speak up for alternatives to the current onshore proposals.

If YOU have any interest in this issue, please complete the consultation form. The more people that have their say, the more power we have as your elected representatives to achieve the outcomes YOU want to see.

To stay up to date with all my work on this issue, please visit my website campaign page here.