10 February 2022
Bridge 1711

The Mid Norfolk Railway is an incredible, local tourist asset which brings joy to so many. Over the years, their team of staff and volunteers have grown the MNR into one of the best such railways in the country and it’s wonderful to see them continue to go from strength to strength.

Bridge 1711 warning signs

That’s why I was so concerned upon hearing from them and the Melton Constable Trust that National Highways were looking to infill Bridge 1711 due to longer term fears about the strength of the bridge.

Although not currently on the MNR, Bridge 1711 lies on the path on which the MNR hopes to extend their track up to Fakenham one day. Were it to be infilled, a significant obstacle would be put in the railway’s way – one that would be very costly (possibly prohibitively so) to reverse in the future.

I am delighted therefore to report that, alongside Jerome Mayhew (in whose constituency the bridge actually lies), our collective efforts have since brought about a resolution that avoids infilling the bridge. Through new weight and width restrictions, all parties are confident that the bridge can be maintained in its current form.

This is great news and I hope that one day the MNR will be able to extend up to Fakenham as envisioned.

Bridge 1711 warning signs