10 February 2020
A47 Rat-running

I have long argued that to fulfil Norfolk’s true economic potential, we must fully dual the A47 and ensure the Western Link from the NDR to A47 is delivered. The East needs investment and prosperity too!

It is vital, however, that we ensure the rat-running issues plaguing the villages to the north-west of Norwich are not moved and dumped elsewhere. A proper plan must be put in place to prevent rat-running through communities to the west and south-west of Norwich – not just while the improvements are being constructed, but for the years to come! We cannot sacrifice some of our most picturesque villages simply because we have not thought to look at the likely challenges ahead.

That’s why I was delighted to see the A47 Rat-running Taskforce that I helped convened in the autumn meet again on Friday. Together, with representatives of Norfolk County Council’s Highways Department and of Highways End, the Taskforce discussed possible means of preventing such rat-running in the likes of Honingham, East Tuddenham, Barnham Broom, Kimberley and Carleton Forehoe going forward. They also discussed how best to work with other neighbouring parishes ahead of the impending consultation periods for both the North Tuddenham-Easton A47 dualling works and the Norwich Western Link.

I remain committed to working with the Taskforce and others in the months and years to come – and will provide further updates as they arise.

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