Wendling Beck Exemplar

16th February 2021

If we are to achieve the Government’s Net Zero targets and move towards a ‘Greener ’more healthier 21st century life, we need to plan smarter, restore habitats and encourage people to get outdoors and enjoy walking and cycling in our beautiful Norfolk countryside.

That why I was delighted to be approached and am happy to support the Wendling Beck Exemplar project.

This is an exciting initiative led by local landowners, aimed at promoting wildlife, biodiversity and habitats, and making sure developers that build in Norfolk / Carbon positive businesses must put back into Norfolk – by investing in ‘Eco-units’ (which provide funds for environmentally beneficial projects. For example, tree planting).

This is a real opportunity for Norfolk to be at the forefront of post-Brexit, Net Zero, environmental and good farming standards and an example of how Britain can go further than previously to help the environment.

If successful, the model can be transported around the country – paving the way for farmers to diversify and for us to invest in our environment and leave the place better than we inherited.

Also, it will ensure development of what I like to call ‘green lungs’, in our communities – where people can come to enjoy nature and walk, jog and cycle as part of a much healthier way of life.

I feel very excited to be part of the project and helping the team get it off the ground.

Further updates will be posted in due course.

Wendling Beck Exemplar Masterplan

Wendling Beck Exemplar Aerial Photo